Microblading Eyebrow Services At Alton’s Best Beauty Clinic

Microblading, Golden Glow Hair & Beauty & Tanning Salon, Alton, HampshireOver the years eyebrows have become the focus of many trends, meaning that nowadays perfect eyebrows are a must.  At Golden Glow Beauty Clinic in Alton, we understand how difficult it can be to perfect a fabulous brow every day, which is why we are here to help!

Rather than having to sculpt your brows each morning, we can long-lasting brows with microblading which replicates individual hairs to create a natural look. 

Our brow specialist will use a hand-held tool to create lots of hair-like impressions which implant pigment strokes under the skin. 

We also offer permanent make-up for brows (as well as for lips and eyeliner) which lasts longer and works better if you have an oily/combination skin type. Book in for a consultation with our aesthetics expert Lauren Eustace who can explain the whole process to you and recommend the perfect brow treatment.  

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aag stopwatch


Approx 2 hours.

aag repeat


2 treatments 4 weeks apart (most clients have a follow-up treatment 6 months later).

aag calendar


8-18 months, depending on skin type.

aag pain


Most clients say the pain is moderate.


Immediately but the final perfect results after the 2nd session.

aag money


£200 (plus £120 for the top up session).  Find out more here.


Your microblading service will be held over two appointments approximately 4-6 weeks apart.  This allows us to top up the colour and brush strokes to give you a final perfect brow.  After the treatment, your brow area will be red and the pigmentation will appear very dark.  This usually surprises people but is a perfectly normal part of the healing process.  The colour fades and lightens as it heals.  You will also experience some light scabbing and a milky look to your skin. This is again part of the healing process.  Within 14 days your brows will look much more natural.   Clients usually require a retouch treatment after 6 months. Your Golden Glow permanent make-up specialist will explain how to care for your brows during the healing process.  This includes keeping them dry so bear that in mind if you are a regular gym-goer or swimmer. 
Looking for dramatic brows? Ombré brows have been around for decades now, which means this technique has been improved and perfected over the years. The ombre brow technique is more like traditional tattooing where it is applied through thousands of tiny dots of pigment which are inserted into the skin. Through this, our eyebrow expert can gradually build up the colour and create a defined shape that is suited to you. Ombré brows aren’t quite as natural looking as microblading, but if you’re after a perfectly sculpted brow which appear filled in, defined and a little more dramatic, then this is the technique for you.  We can also create a more natural-looking ombré brow by not saturating the desired brow shape with pigment.  We can discuss the look you desire during your complimentary consultation so we can get the perfect eyebrow look for you.  The results last longer and work with most skin types (including oily or combination skin) so clients tend to return for a colour boost.
Looking for natural-looking, filled brows? Powder brows, also known as 'Combo brows' combine microblading and powder fill or shading. This technique provides the best of both worlds as it is more defined than just microbladed brows, while being less solid and dramatic than ombré brows. The resulting effect is a natural yet sculpted looking brow! Also, Powder brows work well on most skin types.  Clients usually return for a colour top-up after several months to keep their Powder brows looking their best.
Yes, we offer both microblading and permanent make-up services at Golden Glow Clinic in Alton. With permanent make-up we can create subtle and natural-looking brows that last up to 3 years although you’re welcome to come in for a top-up before then if you feel you need a colour boost. Our experienced brow professional at Golden Glow Beauty Clinic in Alton will help find the perfect colour and shape for you, taking into consideration your skin tone, hair colour and eyes. We offer different effects such as ‘powder’, ‘hairstroke’, ‘tail’ and ‘scar filling’ which we can use to create the perfect eyebrow for you. Permanent make-up isn’t just limited to your brows! We also do permanent eyeliner, lip liner and lip blush for a full-face look without the daily hassle! 
Your first step if you are interested in permanent makeup for your brows, lips or eyes is to book in for a consultation at Golden Glow Aesthetics Clinic in Alton. You might also be interested in finding out more about permanent make-up services in Hampshire here.
Want to wake up each morning with perfect brows? Book in for your eyebrow appointment now by calling Golden Glow Beauty Clinic in Alton on 01420 620372  / 07766 974104.